Community Outreach Program

“Our business is not only about oil and gas pipelines. It is about building a future by investing in our communities and our kids.”

– Marco Campos (Founder & Managing Principal)

The spirit of giving back is embedded of the fabric of Campos EPC’s company culture. With just over 160 employees, Campos EPC is a small business with a big heart. The Campos EPC Community Outreach Program’s mission is to elevate under-represented minority and female students through STEM education initiatives. Campos EPC’s success as a business is paralleled by the impact the Company is making on STEM education in the communities we serve, which sets us apart and truly makes it a place people are proud to say they work. To support the program’s efforts, CEPC established a non-profit organization, The Campos EPC Foundation, in 2014. Through partnerships with K-12 school districts and multiple premier universities, the Campos EPC Foundation directly impacts over 1,000 students per year through summer bridge programs, current-use scholarships and endowments, internships, job shadowing, facility sponsorships and other STEM related programs.

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Criteria for Support

While there are a number of worthy causes we would love to support, The Campos EPC Foundation has narrowed our focus in an effort to make the most impact on our cause. We have a clearly defined roadmap for the next couple of years, but are happy to discuss ideas that meet the following criteria:

  • STEM education initiatives
  • Impacting underrepresented minority and/or female demographic
  • In communities in which we have offices (Denver, San Ramon, San Diego, Los Angeles, Toronto)
  • Specifically programs that fall into one of these 5 categories:
    • Summer bridge programs
    • Current-use scholarships and endowments
    • Internships
    • Job shadowing
    • Facility sponsorships

Foundation contributions are never used to support overhead or indirect costs.

For more information or to submit a request for support, please email



1401 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80202