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About Campos EPC

Marco with his grandfather

Marco and his grandfather, Bill.

Marco Campos was 7 years old when he began to learn the ropes of hard work, entrepreneurship, and ethics through his grandfather Bill, a self-employed welder.

As a Denver native, Marco grew up in ‘humble beginnings” with his family on the west side of Denver – surrounded by a limited but solid network of supporters who helped him stay on the right path.

Marco knew at an early age that he wanted to run his own company – but he was also aware that it would be his biggest challenge to start it. After working in different engineering and project management roles for eight years, he left his job at the age of 30 to start Campos EPC in his basement. It came with great risks – and the number one of them all being able to support his own family and children.

He began working from a list of previous clients, creating strategic partnerships that would help him grow organically. After some time, the business began to take off. The Campos Family of Companies is now a multi-national leader in energy.

Campos EPC, and its Subsidiaries, are the established Industry Leader in Energy Infrastructure, providing cradle-to-grave solutions for our clients. The goal is to execute budget-conscious solutions focused on quality and safety. Everything we do is grounded in our CORE VALUES. Aligning our people to the success they bring is a priority.

We do not have a business development group. We have never failed to provide annual merit increases or bonuses in our company history. Our people and community matter to us. OUR PEOPLE ARE OUR POWER. It is this philosophy that has made Campos EPC the Industry Leader in Energy Infrastructure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead in energy infrastructure and provide innovative and proven solutions for our clients, a meaningful value proposition for our employees, and to strengthen the communities in which we work. Quality and safety are a must.

We are built from an organic growth model and achieve our objectives by placing a strong focus on ethics, performance, compliance, employee utilization, and schedule. We align with our customers’ mission, purpose, and future goals.

Pledge for Excellence


We pledge to execute our work with the highest standards of Ethics, Performance, and Compliance; with the utmost focus on alignment to our stakeholders. We hold a shared vision to make the world a better place through solving the needs of our clients, our communities, and the industries that we serve.

Best-in-Class Safety

A safe work environment protects our employees, clients and the environment. Our Safety and Health goal is to provide a safe and secure working environment for all stakeholders.

This level of excellence can only be achieved through the commitment of our management and employees. Our safety record illustrates the personal commitment and accountability of every employee to safety.

Campos EPC has experienced only one OSHA Recordable injury in the past 8 years with over 2 million exposure hours.


Our Company and Sustainability


Campos EPC is committed to comply with legal and other requirements, to prevent pollution and work toward continual improvement with regard to identified environmental aspects. CEPC is an ISO 9001 / 14001 and Minority Business (MBE) certified firm through NMSDC. 

We have made great efforts to focus on and emphasize sustainable business practices that directly benefit our community and the environment. The company’s culture and values associated with green and sustainable business practices are permeated throughout the company, beginning with the tone set by our company’s Managing Principal.

CEPC has built sustainability concepts in our engineering design, execution and construction practices from the onset of the company. We will proactively carryout all projects to minimize our impact to the environment.

Awards & Recognition


Supplier Diversity Partnership Excellence Award from Southern Company Gas.




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