Engineering and Design - Facilities Project

About This Project

Campos EPC was tasked with upgrading an outdated natural gas facility for a large utility client that serviced a major metropolitan area. The design entailed flow control, metering and gas quality measurement. The goal of the project was to replace piping, instrumentation and control equipment to bring the station up to client, local, state, federal and environmental standards.

There were several different design options presented with varying outcomes based on budget, flexibility and future reliability. The design recommended by CEPC was made with the intention to ensure the safety of workers and the surrounding community. Any new electrical area classifications were designed away from public areas, and new control valves were installed to reduce the likelihood of gas ventilation to the atmosphere.

Initially, a 36” temporary bypass system was installed to allow for mechanical excavation and tie-over of the station. The fencing surrounding the station was replaced and extended to accommodate all the equipment configuration and ensure public safety. Along with new piping, several bi-directional and uni-directional dual-run, pressure limiting systems were installed.
Campos EPC was able to bring this outdated station up to current industry and client standards. All the updated components significantly helped to increase the operating reliability of the station and reduce overall maintenance costs.

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