Engineering and Design - Pipeline Project

About This Project

Campos EPC was tasked to design the replacement of 6.5 miles of a 20” steel, high-pressure natural gas pipeline to replace an existing 20”/24”/30” steel pipeline through an urban corridor consisting of narrow city streets, heavy residential presence and substantial utility congestion.

The overall design also included two HDD designs, a jack and bore, six regulator stations, five mainline valves, retrofitting two existing valves with RCV actuation, one flow control valve and an ILI barrel. Permitting requirements from multiple local, state, federal, and environmental agencies added complications to the project.

Design was performed to optimize safety during construction and installation, as work space was limited, and schedules were developed that minimized impact to residents living immediately adjacent to the work zones.

Accommodations were also made to allow the residents to maintain the quality of their daily lives as much as possible, including ensuring that mail delivery and garbage service went uninterrupted.

Valve sets and regulator stations were designed to make maintenance as simple as possible given the pipeline corridor was on an active roadway, and several HDD crossings were developed to avoid impacting environmentally and culturally sensitive areas. Coordination of resources, materials, and personnel throughout the life of the project allowed CEPC to deliver a final product that met the client’s needs, satisfied all agencies involved, and was completed with an excellent safety record.

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