Construction Field Services

Campos EPC employs a staff of qualified personnel to oversee field activities for our clients.  Safety is our top priority, and our safety record reflects that philosophy.

About This Service

We bring value to our clients by delivering consistent results, driven by our core beliefs. CEPC provides the following field services:

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
  • Startup, Commissioning and Testing
  • Contractor Scope of Work Development
  • Task and Schedule Management of Contractors
  • Installation Inspection and Compliance
  • Field Engineering Support
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Field Inspection

CEPC provides field inspection services for pipeline and station construction:

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
    • Senior Chief Inspector
    • Chief Inspector
    • Assistant Chief Inspector
    • Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI or CPWI)
    • Coating Inspector (NACE CIP)
    • API 510 / 570 Inspector
    • Utility Inspector
    • Safety Coordinator
    • Material Coordinator
    • Field Clerk

CEPC also specializes in integrity inspection services including:

  • Inspection for ILI Verification
  • Direct Examination Inspection for ECDA, ICDA and SCCDA
  • Pressure Testing Inspection
  • “Make-Piggable” Field Inspection

Startup, Commissioning & Testing

Our experienced staff provides support for our clients’ most critical projects and assets. From testing equipment prior to field installation to commissioning facilities, CEPC provides the following support:

  • SCADA Point-to-Point Testing
  • Instrumentation Calibration & Testing
  • Mechanical FAT, Calibration & Testing
  • Transmitters
  • Control Valves
  • Vessels
  • Meters
  • Compressors
  • Soil Electrical & Thermal Resistivity Testing
  • Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Testing Coordination
  • Protection Relay Settings
  • Instrumentation Loop Checks & Calibration
  • Control Panel Testing & Commissioning

Flow Meters

CEPC owns and operates a fleet of ultrasonic, clamp-on gas flow meters. Our portable units can be mobilized to a client’s site and the data collected can be utilized to assist engineering and operations to better understand the flow characteristics of their system. Some of the primary uses of our ultrasonic flow meters include:

  • Long term flow monitoring to determine daily, hourly, or seasonal flow values and assist with gas planning
  • Integration into odorization process for new pipeline installations to expedite the pickling process. Real-time flow rates are provided to the odorant injection equipment, which eliminates the possibility of over / under odorizing, and allows the process to be completed as efficiently as possible
  • In-Line Inspection flow monitoring to ensure flow rates stay within the prescribed range to maximize tool data quality and avoid unnecessary speed excursions
  • Multi-site deployment to determine flow rates in various parts of the system when permanent SCADA is not readily available, or feasible