GIS & Spatial Data

Campos EPC’s GIS services are tailored to our clients’ needs; we have created our services to meet the most challenging problems and changes in technology and regulations. Our GIS Team offers experience in a variety of GIS and mapping platforms. We provide an array of services ranging from building a scalable GIS infrastructure, field data collection and mapping, to GIS data input and as-builting in GIS. We also work extensively with data and asset management for integrity and system planning initiatives. Our team works in client environments for real time updating of information within their GIS system.


About This Service

Campos EPC is committed to finding the best GIS solutions while anticipating future needs. We are a team of experts specializing in the implementation of the ArcGIS and Smallworld platforms. Whether you are starting from scratch or building upon an existing mapping or data system, we can provide the assistance and training you need.

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GIS Jumpstart and Training Program

Campos EPC can design and implement a scalable GIS-based system to provide a safer and more efficient system. We work with our clients to unlock the full potential of their GIS-based system throughout their organization from field to office. Our services include:

  • GIS Infrastructure Consultation
  • Building a Scalable Enterprise GIS Infrastructure
  • GIS Training – ESRI ArcGIS Products
  • ESRI Field Applications
  • FME Software Solutions

GPS Data Collection

Campos EPC offers location services for all utilities and oil & gas clients. We have years of experience providing data collection, mapping, and custom inventory data to a broad base of customers. Our data collection services include:

  • QA / QC of GPS Data from Field Data Collection
  • Adjustment of Pipeline Centerlines based on Centerline GPS Surveys
  • Pipeline Attributes
  • Environmental Impact Mapping
  • Vegetation Mapping
  • Worksite Planning / Mapping

Historic Records Entry

Campos EPC’s GIS team can help to retrieve and organize historic system records and enter them into your GIS. Our team can digitize legacy hard copy records, import them into client databases, and add missing record attributes in GIS. Our services include:

  • Digitize Legacy Hard Copy Records
  • Loading Data into your Database
  • Fill in Missing Record Attributes

Integrity Management

Campos EPC’s GIS specialists have the skills and experience to develop HCA/MCA mapping for developing class location. We also map ILI runs and digs into GIS for analysis and historical information and perform MAOP validation review with the attributes. Our services include:

  • HCA / MCA Analysis
  • ILI Runs and Digs Entry and Analysis
  • MAOP Validation
  • Class Location Studies
  • Seismic, Flooding and other Geotechnical Hazard Assessment

GIS Mapping

Campos EPC can quickly and easily transform your data into high quality professional mapping exhibits.
Our services include:

  • Web Mapping Services
  • FME and SDE software solutions
  • Custom Mapping exhibits and templates
  • Environmental and Cultural Features Mapping
  • Road and Pipeline Right-of-Way Exhibits
  • Alignment Sheets (IFR, IFB, IFC to As-built)
    • BlueSky (Skyline/Lightning/D.A.S.H.)
  • HCA/Class Location mapping