Renewable Energy Solutions

Campos EPC’s Renewables Team offers decades of experience. Our team can provide an array of services to match our client’s needs from initial site evaluation to full system design, engineering, procurement and construction, to final interconnection, testing and commissioning.

About This Service

With our wide variety of experience in Renewables engineering and design, we know how to effectively and efficiently execute wind and solar programs and highly technical projects. Campos EPC was founded in 2005 with a focus on Utility, Oil and Gas Companies. We appreciate the intricacies involved in making such programs a success and understand the challenges associated with high volume programs in both urban and rural areas. CEPC provides the management, organization, systems, and personnel that will deliver on all client expectations. This includes field data collection and customer communication, along with the preparation of the key engineering, permitting and project closeout deliverables.

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Hydrogen Blending

Adding Hydrogen to natural gas provides a viable solution to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As the world continues to explore the effective implementation, CEPC Engineers and Scientists provide expertise and support to navigate the challenges to accommodate hydrogen in the existing natural gas infrastructure. Services provided include:

  • Hydrogen Blending Pilot Projects
  • Turnkey Hydrogen Blending Skids
  • Materials and Equipment Specifications and
  • Procurement Support
  • End-User Appliance Testing & Analysis Support
  • Combustibility Testing and Analysis
  • Metallurgical Support
  • Research, Testing, Material Selection
  • Power-to-Gas
  • Hydrogen Pipelines


CEPC provides technical Engineering, Procurement and Construction support in the Renewable Natural Gas market with a focus on long-term compliance, safety, and client-aligned profitability. Through this support, we have been contracted to establish RNG systems through some of the nation’s largest dairy networks. We recognize that when compared to non-renewable oil and gas facilities, RNG projects are unique both in technology and vision. Whether working with a Public Utility provider or an investor, CEPC is dedicated to providing a partnership that seeks to close the loop on energy systems and to assist communities with these large scale environmental solutions.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Pipeline Engineering and Design
  • Equipment Selection and Specification
  • Gas Upgrading Engineering and Design
  • Gas Injection Engineering and Design
  • Civil Design and Site Architecture
  • Industrial Architecture
  • Nodal Flow Analysis
  • Material Procurement
  • Cost Estimating Services
  • Competitive Bid and RFP Services
  • Electrical, Automations, and Controls Design
  • Control Panel Fabrication and Commissioning
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management and Inspection
  • Compliance Auditing and Consulting
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Emergency Response Manual Development
  • Corrosion Analysis, Design, and Consulting
  • Survey and Basemapping
  • Turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services
  • Process modeling of new and existing facilities
    • Capacity analysis of existing facilities