Emission-less Solutions


Our world class EPC has collaborated with ZEVAC vent-gas recovery system to create a dynamic duo that can tackle the Gas operators’ projects and programs sustainably. 

Together, we want to empower gas operators to transform their culture to align with their ESG ambitions. We envision a future without venting, where every employee is equipped to do their job without releasing gas.

Stop venting. Start Saving.

  • Actionable
    Have specific visible actions being taken to fulfill ESG promises, that you can present to shareholders and regulators
  • Savings
    Reduce overall amount of product lost in venting and time lost in vent project preparation.
  • Safety
    Remove concerns around worker and community safety related to venting.
  • Compliance
    Exceed regulation expectations.
  • Public Relations
    Gain positive press and improve public relations/opinions.
  • Environmental Stewardship
    Plan for future generations.
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What Are the Benefits?

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Campos EPC has implemented procedures to ensure the safety of our employees, clients and community.