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Integrity Management Services

About This Service

The foundation of Campos EPC is Pipeline Integrity Management Services. We support major pipeline operators to build, implement, and optimize Integrity Management Programs.

Our team specializes in IMP work for major pipeline operators across the United States. Service offerings are built on established experience and a strong understanding of engineering best practices and regulatory requirements. We benefit from key team members having significant experience working for pipeline operators.

Sectors We Help

In-Line Inspection (ILI)


We are a leading ILI service provider. ILI has been a focal point of our Integrity Management Services. Our focus is to maintain strong relationships with ILI vendors and other subcontractors.

We have supported ILI programs for major gas pipeline operators assessing thousands of miles of pipelines. 

CEPC ILI Services include:
  • ILI Feasibility Analysis
  • Tool Selection
  • Planning / Documentation
  • AGM Site Selection, Placement, & Survey
  • Filter / Sep & Frac Tank Rental Units
  • Performing Cleaning Pig Runs
  • Coordination with Environmental Testing for PCBs, mercury, etc.
  • Performing ILI Tool Runs
  • On-Site Documentation
  • Review of ILI Data
  • ILI Verification Dig Planning, Execution, & Data Analysis
  • ILI Data Regrading
  • Damage Analysis – Fitness for Service & Growth Rate Assessment
  • Assessment of Remaining Life and Next Inspection Due Date
  • Engineering Design of Pipe Replacements / Reroutes and Other Repairs
  • Final Documentation – ILI Completion Report

Direct Assessment (ECDA, ICDA & SCCDA)


Our vast experienced team help provide Direct Assessment support to major pipeline operators including:

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  • Project Management & Engineering
  • Pre-Assessment – feasibility analysis, tool selection
  • Indirect Inspection – indirect survey and analysis, flow modeling
  • Direct Assessment – planning, execution, and data analysis
  • Post-Assessment – root cause analysis, remaining life prediction
  • 3rd Party Audit of Direct Assessment projects
Direct Assessment (ECDA, ICDA & SCCDA)

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

We provide Pressure Testing (PT) support for major midstream and gas utility pipeline operators. Support service including defining testing parameters, executing testing, and ensuring complete and compliant documentation.

CEPC’s PT Services include:
  • Pre-test Analysis to Determine Feasibility & Test Sections
  • Development of Hydrostatic Testing Plans / Procedures
  • Development of Hydrotest Logistical Planning / Coordination
  • On-Site Pressure Documentation Management and Test Sign-Off
  • Final Documentation (Completion Reports)

MAOP Validation

MAOP Validation

We have significant experience developing customized and flexible resourcing plans specific to operator needs. This comes from an established history of delivering MAOP Validation Programs for several major gas utility companies across the United States. 

CEPC’s MAOP Validation Services include the following:
  • Data Mining / Records Research
  • Adjudication with Senior Engineering Sign-Off
  • GIS / Database Management
  • Documentation Finalization
  • Remediation Engineering, e.g. replacement, pressure testing
  • In-situ Field Materials Verification Support
MAOP Validation

Materials & Corrosion Engineering

Pressure Testing

With our in-house technical experts, we can provide materials, corrosion, and inspection engineering support to major gas utility and midstream companies.

Services include support for:
  • Materials Selection
  • Corrosion Assessment / Corrosion Management
  • NDT Tool Selection and Data Analysis
  • Cathodic Protection Design & Troubleshooting
  • AC Interference Assessment, Modeling, Mitigation Design, Field Support
  • Materials Failure Analysis
  • ILI data analysis; e.g. corrosion growth rate, SCC / SSC assessment
  • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), e.g. pipeline, facilities, tanks
  • Fitness-for-Service Assessment, e.g. B31G, API 579, FEA
  • Welding Specification
  • Protective Paints and Coatings Specification
  • Piping & Pressure Equipment Mechanical Repair
  • Metallurgy / QA, e.g. MTR / QC document review
  • Materials Verification
  • Corrosion Monitoring, e.g. coupons, probes

IM Program & Compliance Support

IM Program & Compliance Support

We have an established history of providing integrity management and compliance support for new projects and existing operations.

IM and Compliance services include:
  • Development & Implementation of Operating Procedures / Manuals (IMP, OME)
  • Development & Implementation of Risk-Based Assessment / Inspection (RBA) / (RBI)
  • Compliance & IMP Gap Assessment
  • 3rd Party Audit
  • Audit Support during PHMSA or State Regulatory Inspections
IM Program & Compliance Support

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