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Sustainability and Net-Zero

About This Service

Reducing our carbon footprint as a business means innovating our operation as well as contributing towards the innovation of our client partners to create lasting benefits for the environment and for our communities. We work with some of the largest utilities in the nation to assist them in building some of the cleanest, safest and most innovative energy operations through close collaboration aimed at decarbonization.

A few of the many solutions to achieving decarbonization and net-zero strategies are the blending and injection of alternative fuels into the gas distribution system. Our specialized engineering and design professionals play an integral role in many of our clients’ sustainability programs to ensure that each project is planned well, executed efficiently and that safety and value are maximized.

From initial feasibility studies to providing full EPC delivery of hydrogen blending, RNG skids and pipeline networks — the CEPC engineers, scientists and project professionals are leaders in providing the necessary expertise that can support and navigate the many challenges associated with accommodating Hydrogen or Renewable Natural Gas into the existing utility infrastructure.

In addition, CEPC is further committed to the industry’s effort to reduce emissions through revolutionary technology that provides an alternative to venting and flaring. Through our partnership with ZEVAC / TPE Midstream, we look to empower gas and process industry operators by providing gas capture services – fulfilling regulatory commitments and ESG objectives.

Sectors We Help



Our team of engineers, scientists and project professionals have supported our clients as they explore hydrogen as a viable solution significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As the world continues to explore the effective implementation of hydrogen gas blending, CEPC provides the planning, feasibility analysis and detailed engineering support for mechanical, metallurgical, electrical and controls systems while also executing a thorough review of hydrogen-specific safety protocols, procedures, equipment spacing, and materials selection.

CEPC can provide expertise in all areas of the hydrogen market from developing a roadmap to hydrogen for our clients and FEED studies, to detailed electrolyzer plant design and end-user interchangeability studies.

Services provided include:
  • Building a roadmap to hydrogen for clients new to hydrogen
  • Existing facility compatibility studies
  • Electrolyzer plant designs
    • Sizing and balance of plant
    • Equipment and Materials Specification
    • Site Layout
    • Storage
    • Power
    • Water treatment
  • Turnkey Hydrogen Blending / Injection Skids
  • Hydrogen Pipelines
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • End-User Compatibility
  • Interchangeability Studies
  • Equipment Testing & Combustibility Analysis
  • Total-Installed-Cost Estimates
  • Project and Program Management



North American sources of organic waste that can be converted to renewable natural gas to displace conventional natural gas are vast.

RNG uniquely takes a product that is negatively impacting the environment and ceates a clean and reliable energy resource that is fullly compatible with our current infrastructure and appliances– serving a productive role in the clean energy transition.

Our best-in-class engineering and design professionals currently support utilities, private developers and municipalities alike in their mission to cut GHG’s through innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our team of experts are familiar with the unique product consituents and utility grade requirements for the transfer of RNG from suppliers (landfills, wastewater, agriculture) to utilities and customers.

With a focus on long-term compliance, safety and client aligned profitability, we have been contracted to deliver Engineering, Procurement and Construction solutions to establish RNG systems through some of the nation’s largest dairy, landfill and wastewater networks. CEPC is specialized in the uniquely engineered solutions which make RNG a viable solution to the world’s decarbonization efforts, and recognize the distinctive technology and vision required for projects of these type to be a success.

Whether working with a Public Utility provider or a private investor, CEPC is dedicated to providing a partnership that seeks to close the loop on energy systems and to assist communities with these large scale environmental solutions.

RNG Services
• Feasibility Studies
• Engineering and Design
  • Pipelines
  • Gas Upgrading
  • Injection
  • Civil, Structural and Architectural
  • Electrical, Automation and Controls
• Equipment Selection and Specification
• Nodal Flow Analysis
• Process Modeling
• Corrosion Analysis/Protection, Design, and Consulting
• Control Panel Fabrication
• Commissioning
• Survey and Base Mapping
• Material Procurement
• Cost Estimating Services
• Owner’s Rep
  • Competitive Bid, RFP Services, Owner’s Rep
  • Project Management
  • Owner’s Engineer
• Construction Management and Inspection
• Compliance Auditing and Consulting
• Operations, Maintenance, and Emergency Response Manual Development
• Turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Services

Gas Capture and Cross-Compression

industrial devices. meters and gas pipes.

Through a close partnership, CEPC and ZEVAC have teamed up to provide emissionless alternatives to venting and flaring for gas utilities and liquids operators across the United States.

Up until recently, U.S. oil and gas companies vented and flared billions of cubic feet of natural gas and directly vent an additional unknown volume on an annual basis.

Once considered a standard process for the production and handling of natural gas, in recent years, federal and state regulations have been installed that rightfully aim to control the amount of flaring and venting is permitted.

In addition to these regulations, utilities and operators across the nation are doing their part to achieve net-zero emissions, and the capturing of gases during process operations is a primary contributor to acheiving net-zero goals by 2050.

Services provided include:
  • Compressor Stations
  • Gas Storage
  • Pipeline Repair, Tie Ins, and Hydrotesting
  • Pigging / ILI
  • Distribution Main Replacements
  • Line Abandonments
  • New Construction and Commissioning
  • NGL’s
  • Meters and Regulators
  • Propane and Butane Facilities
  • RNG Systems Maintenance
  • Project and Program Management Services

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