The Leader in Energy Infrastructure

Campos EPC hires, develops, and retains the most talented employees who can share in the success of the company in alignment with our motto that our people are our power.

Hydrogen Blending Solutions

Campos EPC tackles the issues with Hydrogen gas production, distribution and compatibility with current infrastructure to provide green energy solutions.

What We Do

Quality Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services

Campos EPC employs a staff of highly-qualified engineering, procurement and construction professionals specializing in providing services for utility, energy and midstream organizations.  We are a certified MBE supplier as a Corporate Plus NMSDC Member providing efficient and cost-effective EPC services that keep our clients compliant with industry standards and requirements. Campos EPC hires, develops and retains the most talented employees who can share in the success of the company. Our people are our success.

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Our Mission

It is the mission of Campos EPC to provide exceptional engineering, procurement, and construction services. We’ve built an organic growth model that empowers our organization to develop solutions that directly align with the evolving needs of our employees, clients and communities. We achieve our objectives by placing a strong focus on compliance, reliability and safety.

Best-in-Class Safety

A safe work environment protects our employees, clients and the environment. Our Safety and Health goal is to provide a safe and secure working environment for all stakeholders. This level of excellence can only be achieved through the commitment of our management and employees. Our safety record illustrates the personal commitment and accountability of every employee to safety.

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Campos EPC has experienced only one OSHA Recordable injury in the past 8 years with over 2 million exposure hours.

The Spirit of Giving Back

The spirit of giving back is embedded in the fabric of Campos EPC’s company culture. With just over 450 employees, Campos EPC is a small business with a big heart.

The Campos EPC Community Outreach Program’s mission is to elevate under-represented minority and female students through STEM education initiatives.

Community Outreach